All musical settings by heartscore

Long John Brown and little Mary BellBlake, WilliamStraight to the brain2004
The schoolboyBlake, WilliamStraight to the brain2004
A learned man came to me at onceCrane, StephenSingle2014
Fast rode the knightCrane, StephenMany directions2007
God lay deadCrane, StephenStraight to the brain2004
Many red devilsCrane, StephenMany directions2007
Anyone lives in a pretty how townCummings, E.E.Straight to the brain2004
Maggy and Milly and Molly and MayCummings, E.E.Heartscore2014
What if a much of a which of a windCummings, E.E.Sculptures2002
The saddest noise, the sweetest noiseDickinson, EmilySculptures2002
There's been a death in the opposite houseDickinson, EmilyMany directions2007
Good-byeEmerson, Ralph WaldoStraight to the brain2004
It was not death, for I stood upEmily DickinsonHeartscore2015
Neither out far nor in deepFrost, RobertHeartscore2014
The road not takenFrost, RobertMany directions2007
All I want is youHughes. LangstonSculptures2002
Aunt Sue's storiesHughes. LangstonSculptures2002
Ballad of the gypsyHughes. LangstonStraight to the brain2004
Blue bayouHughes. LangstonSculptures2002
FireHughes. LangstonMany directions2007
Judgement dayHughes. LangstonSculptures2002
Kid sleepyHughes. LangstonMany directions2007
Little JulieHughes. LangstonSculptures2002
Love is like whiskeyHughes. LangstonStraight to the brain2004
Men treats womanHughes. LangstonSculptures2002
One way ticketHughes. LangstonMany directions2007
Railroad avenueHughes. LangstonHeartscore2013
Sylvester's dying bedHughes. LangstonHeartscore2014
When Sue wears redHughes. LangstonSculptures2002
Factory windowsLindsay, VachelMany directions2007
The arrow and the songLongfellow, Henry WadsworthStraight to the brain2004
The day is doneLongfellow, Henry WadsworthStraight to the brain2004
The tide rises, the tide fallsLongfellow, Henry WadsworthStraight to the brain2004
Opium phantasyMaria White LowellHeartscore2015
What lips my lips have kissedMillay, Edna St. Vincent Many directions2007
A dream within a dreamPoe, Edgar AllanStraight to the brain2004
AlonePoe, Edgar AllanHeartscore2016
The bellsPoe, Edgar AllanHeartscore2014
To HelenPoe, Edgar AllanSingle2016
Her eyesRansom, John CroweStraight to the brain2004
Another dark ladyRobinson, Edwin ArlingtonMany directions2007
CredoRobinson, Edwin ArlingtonMany directions2007
Haunted houseRobinson, Edwin ArlingtonHeartscore2016
John EvereldownRobinson, Edwin ArlingtonSculptures2002
Richard CoryRobinson, Edwin ArlingtonMany directions2007
The miller's wifeRobinson, Edwin ArlingtonMany directions2007
The story of the ashes and the flameRobinson, Edwin ArlingtonMany directions2007