heartscore is a studio-project, which I founded in 2000. I play guitar, bass, violin and I take over lead and backing-vocals on most of my albums. I set poems to music in the manner of an intellectual and progressive Rock-style. The songs present well-known poets like Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson. Because the poems are affecting the structure of my songs many of them become very quirky and complex and long. I arrange and write scores like a classical composer would do it before I start to record. My parents raised me with classical music, which is pretty complex and I want to achieve complexity and deepness in my music. On the other hand I became an admirer of classic rock and jazz. As a young man I joined a Led Zeppelin cover-band called „Dazed and confused“ as the lead-singer. Later I was a guitar-player in the surf-rock-band „The golden tornadoes“.
If you think on progressive rock like Gentle Giant, Yes and King Crimson mixed with a tad of Jazz, Hardrock and modern classical you have a close picture of what I am doing.
In 2002 I released my first album „Sculptures“, which was named „one cool album“. On some songs my classmate Oliver Hartstack contributed dramatic lead vocals. Most poems on this album were written by the famous american poet Langston Hughes, the leader of the „Harlem renaissance“. At these times I was influenced by Led Zeppelin and Yes, there are some Blues and Gospel-influences as well. I mixed the album myself. The mastering was done by Ole Kießling at „Tonstudio Kießling“. It was officially published and 1000 copies were pressed. Most of them are still in my basement.
In 2004 I became more ambitious and hired Session-drummer Tim Warweg and piano and trumpet-player Stefan Platte (boyfriend of my little sister) to realize  „Straight to the brain“. Here the music was influenced by the inner structure of poems by poets like Steven Crane, William Blake, E.E. Cummings, Langston Hughes, Edgar Allan Poe, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, John Crowe Ransom and Ralph Waldo Emerson resulting in more unusual songs. At this time I had found a personal style including the heavy use of multitrack choirs, which were created with my own single voice, a hardrock-based guitar and complex and sometimes orchestral arrangements. The album was professionally mixed and mastered at „Tonstudio Kießling“. I hired also a professional designer, but I drew the cover myself, which was a fault for sure. I was more clever than the first time and pressed 500 copies, but there are also still a lot in my basement.
In 2007 the follower „many directions“ could be seen as the sister of „Straight to the brain“. I followed the same path, but the arrangements are more sophisticated and diversified. Second the stylistic range of the songs is much wider. While „Straight to the brain“ was based very much on Hardrock, „Many directions“ includes Piano-tracks, Funk, Soft Ballads and even Metal . The album includes one of the most progressive tracks of heartscore with a full orchestra: „The miller’s wife“ basing on the poem „The mill“ by Edwin Arlington Robinson. Meanwhile I had polished my mixing skills and did also the mixing and mastering. I had become even cleverer and pressed 100 copies at home, but there are still a few in my basement.
I send hundreds of these first three albums to magazines, radio-stations, blogs and review-sites spread all over the world, so don’t wonder, if you stumble upon a review of heartscore at an uzbekistan progressive-rock website ( I learned a lot from these reviews and had to smile sometimes about euphoric or harsh reviews. I can not remember on mediocre reviews. The critics love or hate it.
In 2009 I fell in love with my actual wife and the resulting album „Touch me“ was very much influenced by the relationship. I collected little melodies and hummed them in my cellphone. Sometimes I stopped somewhere on the street outside, when the muse kissed me, and sang a melody into the phone, while people stared at me. This time I wrote the lyrics myself and added synthesizers. The songs on this album are straight-forward. The music is influenced by Funk, Punk and Alternative, think on a melting pot containing Chic, Grand Funk Railroad and Sonic Youth.
I pressed 100 copies at home. The album was packed in a red hand-sewed sleeve. My wife and my mother have sewed the covers at home. I think I have still 50.
After a longer pause caused by the birth of my son and other family-related things I stumbled in 2013 over the platform and musical social network Soundcloud. I had created an account long ago, but now I started to become an active member. I met many great musicians and friends there and became more active than ever under the influence and support of the community.
On May 15th 2016 I have released my newest album self-titled as „heartscore“. In many ways it marks a new start for my project. For the first time I am working with another singer. Since 2013 I have produced all new heartscore-tracks with Chris from
His powerful, soulful vocals are a very good contrast to my multitracked choirs and I am very happy with the results. I have produced a limited CD-edition available on bandcamp. I have just pressed 100 copies. I will use 50 for promotional work and 50 are reserved for sale. The music on „heartscore“ continues the progressive and sophisticated rock-style heartscore is known for. The instrumentation is more diversified and less guitar-ladden then „Straight to the brain“ and „Many directions“.

In 2017 I plan a remake of my 2007-album „Many directions“ and a new Metal-orientated album.

Januar, 2017
Dirk Radloff